About Me

I'm a computer-programming enthusiast. I enjoy learning about game development and learning new technologies in the mobile and web technologies. I've recently graduated from Seattle Pacific University.

I also enjoy sports such as soccer, football, and tennis. While I'm not doing anything programming-related, I'm enjoying the outdoors or being with friends or family.


  • Computer competency includes Microsoft Office Suite and Google Docs.
  • Computer languages include C , C++, Java-Script, Java , NodeJS, C#, HTML & CSS, and Assembly Code
  • Bilingual: Capable of writing, speaking, and reading in Spanish.
  • Problem Solver: High performer in troubleshooting based tasks, particularly software debugging
  • Capable Multi-tasker: Balanced student career while working part-time jobs
  • Customer Service Focused: Received two commendations for customer interactions in retail setting over a one-year timeframe
  • Projects